maggots in the kitchen

by LoDeck and the Seventeen Squalls

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thoughts jotted down while exploring a new level of hell.
as you can see, lots of maggots.


I'm on some shit,
filthy, symbiotic, plywood swamp.
Mad calm. Nightcrawl.
Follow the foghorn.
Rubbin wit the stars,
touch the Crown.
Towels with tentacles.
Towels hissin:
"Wipe me down..."
Killers spawn like cactus needles.
All brewing in one red cloud.
Hands burn off, touching this
melting pot...
Spill it? and change everything.
Evaporate chemically:
blend in the background.
Sponge for the core, cosmic,
gastric juice, waiting for the shithole to spit you out.
That's how you escape shine and glitter.
Write down those instructions and, well,
sign me up!
All time Highest Peak!!! And to think!!
All that it took was a neat elevator,
Bleak sneak to those who aint yet sip the punch
from the best view in the Cistine;
right where the fingers touch.
I. Contact. Sparse.
Spittin distance from the masses' spittin image.
Spittin unequivalent bars.
Let's fuck shit up then,
blow up our telescopes, move into the Pyramids
and hang up our socks.


Piecing together appeal of the flyest shit ever:
maggot babies hangin tall over the bread as it lever.
Feeding their fat face.
Or how bout, fumigating the whole place?
Bent forks ripped into flour and cold cakes.
Disarray on all levels and the trigger hand shaky
for street beef - reality that's done for no ratings.
Slave humans debased.
Reduced to roaches hiding in toothpaste tubes,
or shoes rustling nervous.
Spillin out as blood does when rope walkers
fall in a circus. SPLAT!
Sour kiss of life after death.
Just a lung full of worms.
Dinner served.
Let the maggots get the check.
You might hear a hiss above your neck.
Up in the kitchen ceiling? That's the
fifth level of hell, active sin.
Water from Styx drips thru the roofs.
Transparent, depressed, hungry maggots
bite chunks out of each other flesh and shriek
in hateful pain.
Let the flashlight and the whip
drive out that numb darkness
which impedes your oneness with what is
holy and known as Life.
And keep them maggots out.


released March 23, 2011
this track is unmixed.
beat made by Alkalyne (California, 2010)



all rights reserved


LoDeck and the Seventeen Squalls Brooklyn, New York

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